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Ontario Internet Access Map (OIAM)

Ontario Internet Access MAP (OIAM)

Welcome to the Ontario Internet Access Map. This map is intended to provide interested parties with a look at internet availability levels for households in Ontario communities.

The maps and visualizations have been compiled from the latest information collected from the Government of Canada’s National Broadband Data Information portal. This data was then combined with various geographic levels of Census population statistics.

Community leaders, educators, and individuals interested in service alternatives and internet service providers are encouraged to take advantage of the map’s information for their own research and understanding of access throughout Ontario.

If you have specific questions about the map, or require more information, please contact us here:

Ontario Internet Access Map Highlights:

  • – Community and Neighbourhood Household Broadband Availability Summaries
  • – A CIRA-powered Internet Performance Test
  • – Northern Ontario Speed Test Mapping
  • – Internet Service Provider Search Map
  • – Broadband Project Funding Announcements Mapping


Please note that the OIAM portal is a robust system that is optimized for desktop/laptop devices with reliable broadband. If you are on a limited internet connection, please contact for your specific broadband map inquiry.



The Ontario Broadband Report Tool is currently being updated to a new application using up-to-date information provided by ISED and Census Canada. The existing Ontario Broadband Report Tool will remain in use until the update but is using the previous ISED data update (May 2023).

Please note that the Ontario Broadband Report tool is a robust system that is optimized for desktop/laptop devices with reliable broadband. If you are on a limited internet connection, please contact for your specific broadband map inquiry.

Common Questions

Do the community and neighbourhood coverage maps include non-residential information?

The Ontario Internet Access Map is based on public data made available by the Government of Canada’s National Broadband Data Information portal. This data at this time only includes availability information for households.

Can I use the map on my phone or mobile device?

Although you can access the map using a phone or mobile device, it is strongly recommended to use a laptop or desktop for the optimal and intended user experience.

How do I choose between the different maps on the Ontario Internet Access Map?

The various maps and tools available to you can be accessed by clicking on the named tabs on the top of your screen. After the map loads, you will see options to view the: Ontario Internet Access Map, Internet Performance Test, Speed Test Results Map, Internet Service Providers Near Me, or the Funded Broadband Projects Map.

Can I generate a report on the Ontario Internet Access Map?

The updated Ontario Internet Access Map is designed to display complex information in an easy-to-use format. In this effort, advanced features such as reporting are not included within this mapping. Advanced GIS mapping applications will be made available on this page for users seeking to perform analysis and reports for broadband community level summaries, internet service providers and broadband project funding announcements.

Why can’t I find my address using the search tools?

The search tools used in the mapping is based on ESRI’s address search database. Although accurate, the names of communities my slightly differ.

What if I think the information presented on the map is inaccurate?

The information on the map is compiled from various sources. Blue Sky Net attempts to keep the data as current as possible, however, Blue Sky Net cannot guarantee the accuracy third-party information. Visitors using the map are asked to participate in keeping information accurate and current by submitting speed tests and/or network coverage information. ISP’s are especially encouraged to contact us with shape file information. Information can be submitted to

Map Data Sources

Community and Neighbourhood Broadband Summaries

Most Internet access data can be found here through the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development’s National Broadband Internet Service Availability Map.

Census data tables and map products can be downloaded here.

Speed Test Mapping

Northern Ontario Speed Test Data has been acquired in partnership with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s (CIRA) Internet Performance Test.

Funded Broadband Projects Mapping

Federally funded project information is sourced from: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) Universal Broadband Fund Projects page.

Provincially funded projects information is sourced from Ontario Builds.

Accelerated High-Speed Internet Program (AHSIP) information is sourced from the AHSIP project announcement page.

Provincially mapped broadband projects is sourced from the Government of Ontario mapping data. last updated the mapping data from the Universal Broadband Fund Projects, Ontario Builds, and AHSIP announcements pages on July 18, 2024. It should be noted that these announcements do not guarantee that service is available in these locations. New service will not be available until agreements are signed between funding agencies and service providers.