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Ontario Internet Access Map (OIAM)

Welcome to the Ontario Internet Access Map. This map is intended to provide interested parties with an overview of connectivity levels in Ontario communities and neighbourhoods. The map and visualizations have been compiled from the latest information collected from the Federal Government’s National Broadband Internet Availability Map. This data was then combined with various geographic levels of Census population statistics to create estimates of internet availability of numbers and percentages of dwellings (households) throughout the province.

Community leaders, health care professionals, individuals interested in service alternatives and internet service providers are encouraged to take advantage of the map’s information for their own research and understanding of access throughout Ontario. If you have specific questions about the map, or require more information, please contact us here:

Please note that the OIAM portal is a robust system that is optimized for desktop/laptop devices with reliable broadband. If you are on a limited internet connection, please contact for your specific broadband map inquiry.

Common Questions

Can you find Internet Service Providers on the map?
This layer is activated when a faint hexagon grid appears when zoomed in to below 1:150,000 resolution. Click the area of interest to reveal ISPs, and technologies that are active in that area.

Can I make tabular reports?  
Reports can be generated by communities within the map panel by clicking the small up arrow at the bottom center of the map. These tables can be filtered and columns removed as the viewer wishes. They also can be exported as a .csv file.

Every attempt will be made to update and improve this map with new data. You can play a part in this by providing feedback through running speed tests, or, if you are an Internet Service Provider by registering and updating your network’s footprint. Visit the “Participate!” panel to the right of this one for more information.

Can I turn Layers on and off?
Yes, layers can be turned on and off by checking or unchecking the box beside the layer. if the layer is in a faded grey, it means that it is not accessible at the level.

What if I think the information presented on the map is inaccurate?
The information on the map is compiled from various sources. Blue Sky Net attempts to keep the data as current as possible, however, Blue Sky Net cannot guarantee the accuracy and currency of third party information. Visitors using the map are asked to participate in keeping information accurate and current by submitting speed tests and/or network coverage information (for ISPs). There are links to do this within the map itself.

Map Data Sources

Most Internet access data can be found here through the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development’s National Broadband Internet Service Availability Map.

Census data tables and map products can be downloaded here.

The Federally-funded projects layer is taken from the list of Universal Broadband Fund Projects and the Provincially-funded projects layer is taken from Ontario Builds.

Northern Ontario Speed test Data has been used in partnership with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s Internet Performance Test.