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Understanding Northern Ontario Broadband Infrastructure In Your Area

The Blue Sky Net/ team is committed to providing tools and resources for private and community stakeholders. Use this website to learn about broadband services in Northern Ontario and feel free to make it a part of your plan for better broadband advocacy in Northern Ontario.

Resources For Business Owners and Residents

Broadband Availability

Whether you are a current or a prospective resident of Northern Ontario, you can use the Ontario Internet Access Map to learn more about broadband availability in your area. The map displays information about the level of internet access as well as who provides the broadband infrastructure.

Testing Northern Ontario Internet

When you take the Cira Internet Performance Test, you are helping to provide valuable testing speed metrics that will help in future broadband development applications in Northern Ontario.

We use the information about speeds at your property to show the need and the impact improved Broadband Infrastructure will have. This helps in supporting applications to funding agencies, it helps show a business case for ISP’s to develop their networks and sometimes it can point out that there are networks issues that can be repaired.

If you have any questions about the speed test please visit CIRA’s “How the Internet Performance Test Works” page.

Understanding Broadband Terminology

Broadband technology has a lot of terms which may at first seem daunting and confusing. We want to de-mystify this by providing a thorough glossary of terms and their definitions that will help you to better understand broadband terminology.

Resources For Communities, Organizations, Economic Developers, Educational Institutions and Researchers

Broadband Advocacy & Data Collection

If you are a community stakeholder, economic developer, researcher or educational institution seeking to advocate for better broadband and require assistance in the form of informational resources or assistance in forming a data collection campaign, can help!

You can contact your local ICTN for more information on how can help you better understand broadband infrastructure in your area and help you reach your broadband advocacy goals.

Understanding Northern Ontario Broadband Infrastructure in your area

The project known as Broadband and Associated Infrastructure Analysis Project (BAIMAP) has identified gaps in existing service areas and led to the creation of OIAM. BAIMAP can provide the bandwidths available in serviced areas and clusters of demand for the service in these under and un-served areas. This has been done by mapping and analyzing the existing bandwidth capacity or gaps in all areas, and by mapping demand based on population data and ‘self-identified’ customers on a Geographic Information System (GIS).

We can provide more detailed community broadband maps. The maps combine population and dwelling statistics with known broadband coverage.