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Northern Ontario, Let’s Test Your Internet!

Help tell the story of Northern Ontario internet.

Blue Sky Economic Growth Corporation (Blue Sky Net) has partnered with CIRA and communities across Northern Ontario to test your internet speeds. Your contribution can help inform decision-makers and funders by sharing your internet speed information and completing surveys.

By taking the Internet Performance Test and the Northern Ontario Internet User Survey, you can help decision-makers understand what internet is like not only for you and your community, but also for all of the North. Your information also helps produce studies and reports that can raise awareness over the state of internet in our region. Recently, Blue Sky Net published the Northern Ontario Broadband report that used the data you contributed over the previous three years to illustrate what internet access was like throughout the Northern region.

Why Take The Speed Test and Survey?

Our governments want everyone to have good internet. They have established targets of 50Mbps download and 10Mbps upload speeds. From time to time, both the Federal and Provincial governments have funding programs available to support broadband projects. Knowing what speeds citizens currently have available is helpful. has partnered with CIRA’s Internet Performance Test, to collect the most detailed information relating to Northern Ontario’s internet speeds.

When you complete surveys and speed tests, it provides valuable data about the state of broadband in Northern Ontario from the very people who live and work here and you are helping to support applications to funding agencies.

When You Take The Speed Test…

When taking the speed test using the Internet Performance Test, it will help in the assessment of Northern Ontario’s internet landscape in knowing more about the type of service you receive. Make certain that you answer the package questions in full if you can.

Your privacy is important to us. Information from the speed tests is never sold or used outside of research for broadband development.